Smoking is really harmful habit and even though everyone knows this fact, people still decide to smoke. What makes you addictive to cigarettes is actually the nicotine and the more you intake it the more you need it.

If a smoker does not intake nicotine it will cause extreme discomfort which is the indicator of the withdrawal phase. When you decide to quit smoking the physical symptoms will be gone in a week, but the actual cravings will need more time.

A German study proves that Stevia can actually help you a lot if you decide to get rid of the use of alcohol and cigarettes. This plant is found in Paraguay and it is a member of the chrysanthemum family. Most of the times it is used as sweetener but it also inhibits the cravings and the signals received in the brain.

If you decide to quit smoking you should definitely start with consumption of few drops of Stevia daily.

Since you begin to quit smoking you will experience craving stroke and in those moments you should put few drops on your tongue and it will help you to get rid of the cravings. You can find Stevia in liquid and powder forms, and it is available in every healthy food store or supermarkets.

It is also helpful in preventing or treating hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Also it is beneficial for your skin, treats acne and fights dermatitis.

This is how to grow it at home if you decide to do so:

You should know that this plant cannot survive freezing conditions, so you will need warm temperatures and lots of sun. The root can survive only in zone 9 or warmer, and it regrows again in the spring.

If you are protecting it well it might survive in zone 8. You should plant the Stevia in at least 12 inch container and add quality soil. You should expose it on direct sunlight and water it only when you will notice that the soil is dry.

You should give the plan a space of at least 18 inches, with a well-drained, loamy and loose soil. Expect to reach height at least 1-3 feet. The best time to plant is in the early spring.

Over the summer in order to avoid drying you should use mulch, and avoid soggy soil. Also have into account that if the roots are rotten the plant wilts.

In the fall you should trim off the flowers so that you will stimulate the growth of new leaves. Flowers are beautiful and white, and in order to release more leaves you should clip off the blooms. Remember that the leaves are sweetest before it starts blooming in the end of summer.

After the leaves have plucked you should dry them in order to be able to use them longer. You should cut the stems and remove the leaves and tender stems. Dry the leaves under the sun; it might take you up to a day to do so. Afterwards collect them and put them in a container where you will crush them and make the powder.

Place the powder in right containers and use it for your foods and drinks if you want to sweeten them.

Source: staynaturallyhealthy.

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