The following recipe contains natural ingredients that are well known. Father Romano Zago, a Brazilian monk, designed this recipe to cure cancer. You will need three simple ingredients to prepare this recipe: honey, alcohol and aloe Vera.

This recipe has found it’s way all over the world, even though pharmaceutical companies do not wish anyone to know about it. Father Zago has included the recipe in his book “From the Air You Can Recover”. This recipe has helped thousands of people and it can help you too.


• 50 grams honey
• 35 grams of fresh leaves of aloe arborescens
• 6 tablespoons of alcohol, such as rum, whiskey, or brandy

Begin by cleaning the leaves of the aloe with a dry cloth. Take care to remove any needles and then chop into small pieces without peeling the aloe. Place the aloe pieces into a blender, then cover with the honey and the alcohol of choice. Mix well until thoroughly blended.

One will not need to cook this mixture nor will it need to be strained. The mixture should be consumed three times per day with a tablespoon eaten each time. Eat this 30 minutes before meals. Store the mixture in a dark jar in the refrigerator.

WARNING:Children under 18 months old should not take honey. Because honey consists of about 50% of this product, no child under 18 months old should use this protocol.

Source: secretlyhealthy

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