We are talking about complete detoxification od the body and clearing of any harmful toxins that may have accumulated due to many reasons. The following remedy is powerful indeed due to the specific and carefully chosen ingredients that have individual and very potent properties.

When combined together like in this remedy they can protect your whole body from influenza, flu, colds and protect and strengthen the immune system.

Using this remedy can also help in the cosmetics department and help you have a healthy and thick hair, soothe and hydrated skin and nourished body from the inside and out. This remedy is completely natural and all the ingredients and easy to find. It can protect the body from free radical damage due to the antioxidant content, clean the liver and improve the blood flow.


  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • 8 lemons
  • Medium sized ginger root (4-5cm)
  • 4L of water.


Peel the ginger root first and then chop it. Peel the cloves of garlic too and chop them too. Cut up the lemons too without removing the peel and add all of these ingredients in a blender. Blend them until the mixture is incorporated and homogenous.

Add the water into a bigger pot and bring it to a boil together with the other ingredients. Once it is boiled let it cool down a little bit and strain the whole mixture.

Store it in glass jars or bottles or any container comfortable for you. You should consume this drink every day and about 2 hours before every meal. Make a fresh batch every time you need one and store the rest in the fridge.

The lemon contains a lot of vitamin C that can help the immune system and aid the digestion while the ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that can really help your body. This remedy will also help you stay hydrated with all the nutrients that your body needs to renew and replenish.

Source: secretlyhealthy

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