In an interview with the ANE news agency, Thorsten Miller-Otvos, executive director of the legendary brand, reveals interesting details about the company’s completely new model that arives in 2019, which we will see in the final concept for the first time in a year.

For the Project Cullinan codenamen from Rolls-Royce, they do not currently offer any information about what kind of SUV performance it is, describing it just as – “a car with higher clearance and greater high-speed”. According to Thorsten Miller-Otvos, the brand’s new model will be presented in one year, and the first customer deliveries will be realized in early 2019. The luxury car will use the platform of the all-new generation of Phantom’s flagship, which we saw for The first time a few days ago, and not in common with the parent company BMW Group.


“We do not use parts that are part of mass production,” Thorsten Miller-Otvos comments. “It limits work that can be poor in terms of design and” undermines “exclusivity extremely much. Would not like the masked Q7 in this segment. You want to have a real Rolls-Royce.

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