Summer is already here and this is the perfect season to go to the beach to ramp and show your perfect, killer abs that can make every head turn in awe of your perfect physique.

Then there is a familiar quote that says “No pain, No gain” which is true. However, not most of us are a fan of intense trainings and gyms to achieve that perfect body which results to individuals undergoing cosmetic surgeries just to have that summer-ready body. Quite costly right?

Fortunately, there are exercises developed which can help you achieve the perfect tight abs that you’ve always dreamed of without much effort involved.

You only need to dedicate 5 minutes of your time every day to do these exercises that will literally shape all of your abdominal muscles and make you shine with confidence. Every exercise lasts only for 1 minute and the exercises includes the following:

  1. Spiderman Planks
  2. Hip Thrusts
  3. Oblique Crunches
  4. Side Plank Throughs
  5. Full Sit Ups

Source: healthyfoodteam

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