DON’T YOU EVER PARK AGAIN LIKE THIS! Check This Bad Parking Reaction!

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to get something from the mall in a hurry, but the parking lot was so crowded and just as you are about to give up, you see a car parked taking up two spots? How frustrating can that be! In the following video we see such a picture taken on a parking lot and the guy explains what happened and how it happened. There is a white Corvette parked taking up two spots on a crowded lot, and the Jeep driver decided to take a revenge on him and park it next to him. Do not ever park like this!

He even says that as he got into the mall, he noticed a middle aged guy and guessed that that might be the owner of the Corvette. Though he did know what he could expect the reaction could be from the guy, he was not worried at all. The picture went viral right away, as no one should park like this. There is short video from the owner entering in the Corvette and checks if everything is fine with his car, looking for scratches. What do you think; was this enough?

Source: MuscleCarsZone

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