The German giant at the special event Audi Summit in Barcelona showed the brand-new generation of the A8 flagship, after weeks of keeping the fans uncertainly tying up teaser photos on social networks.

The visual changes are not particularly large, that is, the proportions of the sedan are practically reserved. In the front, we discover the corporate grid of the brand, as well as new laser lights. The latest generation of the virtual cockpit of Germans with 1.920 x 720 pixels arrives in the interior, which broadcasts information about the current state of the vehicle. A new 10.5-inch display is mounted in the middle of the instrument panel.


The great news in the drive units is that practically every new A8 will be a hybrid. Each conventional aggregate will be supported by a mild hybrid system, which will allow the car to move by inertia without running the engine. At the launch of the model will be available two 3.0-liter engines – gasoline and diesel, and their power is 340 and 286 hp. In the near future, new engines will be added.

An interesting novelty is a car system, which will also be an individualized suspension that will use an electric motor and several other components on each wheel. The result is automatic regulation of the chassis strength, depending on the car’s load.

The sale of the car starts this autumn this year, and prices in Germany start at 90,600 euros for the standard version, while the length will cost about 4,000 euros more.



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