Just a few days ago, Mercedes-AMG unveiled its project One projectile, and is already working on its successor. It will be ready in 2025 with an electric power unit. The vehicle is expected to be equipped with a number of technologies and systems used in Formula-E cars. There is currently no technical details, but according to some media, the project has a “green light” and its development is underway.

As for the hybrid Project One, its production will begin in 2019. The engine is powered by a 1.6-liter petrol V6 engine, running at 11,000 rpm. The engine uses a new type of spring on the valves, and the turbocharger is powered by an electric system. The internal combustion engine is placed in the rear of the vehicle, working in conjunction with an electric motor. The total units provide rear axle power of 680 hp. The front wheels are equipped with another electric unit, so the total power of super performance exceeds 1,000 HP. Overall, Daimler will invest 10 billion euros in the development of electric vehicles. In addition, the Germans will spend 500m euros to build a lithium-ion battery plant.

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