Baking soda is a white powder that is extremely versatile and almost every household uses it. Baking soda is most usually used for cooking desserts but most people do not know that baking soda has so many other uses that do not only benefits the body but the whole household and cleaning process.

Other than that, baking soda is famous in the cosmetics department too and can be used in treating many skin issues like acne, pimples and also get rid of any problems you may have with the hair.

You can use baking soda every day without any bad side effects but you need to know with which ingredient to combine it for the best benefits.

When it comes to the hair, this powder can give incredible shine to it with this homemade shampoo that is simple to make. This will help you use more natural ingredients as opposed to many solutions that are infused with chemicals and can only worsen the problem.

In preparing your own natural shampoo you will avoid all chemicals and make you hair look and be much healthier and soothe some issues with dandruff or a sensitive scalp. Make you own shampoo in the following way and it will remain your number one natural homemade shampoo for any purpose.

Take one smaller squeeze bottle and inside it mix baking soda and water at a 1:3 ratio. Use enough depending on how long your hair is and how much liquid you will need.
Apply this onto your hair, dry or wet. Leave it to work for about 5 minutes and rinse off as usual.
If you want more benefits you can finish with an apple cider vinegar rinse and if you do not like the smell add some essential oil.
Rinse off the ACV rinse as well.
Use and apply once a week maximum 2 times a week and you will notice that your hair will grow faster, better and it will be much stronger.


Source: SecretlyHealthy

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