Buckwheat is one of the best ingredients that contain lots of benefits for your overall health. It is extremely rich in nutrients which also help you slim and lose weight fast. This article will present to you the buckwheat diet that will help you lose extra weight.

Buckwheat is found in North Asia. It is great source of protein and calcium but also it is rich with vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6. Also it contains lots of minerals such as iron, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and magnesium. On the other hand it helps you lower the bad cholesterol, prevents heart diseases, improves your memory and lowers the risk of developing cancer. Simply this remedy is containing extreme benefits for your overall health.

Buckwheat also contains fiber which is great property that helps you improve your intestinal function and control the level of sugar in your level. This magical remedy simply can help you maintain or eliminate extra weight. Its fiber and protein properties give your organism satiating effect and low calories (340 calories / 100grams). This remedy is great for your health and the process of losing weight and you should seriously consider including it in your daily diet.

Buckwheat diet:

This diet lasts between 10 and 15 days. You should not extent the length of the diet in order to avoid deficiencies. This period of time you should consume everything you include in your regular diet, but just be careful not to consume food that contains fat sauces.

You have to consume lots of water during the day (preferably six glasses of water per day). Feel free to replace consumption of water with green tea which again is great for your health and helps you get rid of extra weight. You may drink coffee but without sugar (2 cups of coffee per day) and at least 4 hours before you go to bed.

During the day you should consume fruits and vegetables in order to intake the needed vitamins and minerals, and also fiber which will support your digestive system. With consumption of fruits and vegetable you will feel satiety which is important for this diet. Some of the ingredients we recommend are apple, orange, cabbage, plums, strawberries, melon, peach etc.

As part of your diet you have to use green vegetables such as spinach, peas, broccoli and green beans. It is recommended to steam them without salt when you prepare them for eating. You should know that salt is causing water retention which is not good when you want to lose weight.

This buckwheat diet does not include animal protein even though it still meets the need of protein nutrition. Buckwheat is one of the greatest source of vegetable protein which is high in its biological quality because it contains essential amino acids. In 100 grams of buckwheat you will find 13 grams of protein which is great for people with gluten intolerance and vegetarians.

Lastly, it is highly recommended to drink at least a liter of kefir per day during the period of this diet. This drink contains plenty of health benefits and it is rich with probiotics. It is great for detoxifying your body and improves your digestion, but also it restores the flora of your intestines.

Intestinal flora is one of the main causes for weight gain, according to research study. This study found that a bacterium which is present in our intestine has a role to digest food, and once it doesn’t work properly it will result with gaining weight. Furthermore it might lead to inflammation which is again related to increased appetite that leads to gaining weights.

Here is how to cook buckwheat:

First you need to wash it thoroughly the buckwheat seeds. Then you need to place them in a saucepan filled with water (add two cups of water and one cup of buckwheat). Put high heat and wait until it reaches boiling temperature. Once it reaches boiling temperature you need to reduce the heat to low and leave it covered for another 15-30 minutes or until you notice that the beans are tender. Drain the buckwheat and enjoy!

Source: staynaturallyhealthy.

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