Following the success of the F-Type, Jaguar is considering expanding and developing the range of British sports brands

First of all, a completely new version of the F-Type will appear, and with it the GT model with 2 + 2 seats, which is likely to revive the legendary name XK. According to magazine Autocar, the new GT model will almost certainly be called XK, and the edition quotes the company’s chief designer Jan Kalum, who speaks on the subject.

– I want to have a two-seater sports model – F-Type, plus plus one with 2 + 2 seats, explained Kalum. – Now we are working on this issue. There is not yet an approved project, but we are trying out more designs and looking at different opportunities in this area.

Jaguar halted the production of HK in 2014 and has since been constantly rumors of reviving the model. Kalum himself has said on several occasions that stopping production of XK is very unpleasant for him. If the Jaguar reborn XK, then the new model will get new engines from the Ingenium family, including a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine with a power of 296 horsepower. If the model appears, it will be launched in 2021. Just like the F-Type new model, there will be a more powerful version of R, as well as the top variant SVR.

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