We love ginger. Few species are as therapeutic and beneficial for both health and beauty as this traditional plant that has its origin in China. Rich in essential oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, it is also an ideal remedy to take care of our hair and stimulate its growth.

Properties of ginger to prevent hair loss:

The properties of ginger for our health are very appreciable and known since antiquity. The natural richness of its compounds make it perfect to stand out as a perfect ally for the following areas:

  • Decreases rheumatic and menstrual pain.
  • It’s perfect for flu and colds.
  • It improves our cardiovascular problems.
  • Ginger is also a good natural antidepressant
  • Reduce stress
  • It facilitates digestion.

Regarding the properties of ginger to prevent hair loss and stimulate its growth, we can see it in the following principles:

Ginger has a wonderful natural ability to stimulate the blood flow of the scalp, promoting its circulation and stimulating hair follicles and growth. The fatty acids of ginger root are excellent for fine hair, favoring its restoration and care.

As we already know, sometimes dandruff can also favor hair loss. We usually spend a lot of money on products to avoid it, but many of those chemicals can sometimes do nothing, or even cause us allergies. Ginger, on the other hand, is an excellent remedy to eliminate dandruff. Thanks to its natural antiseptic properties, they make it an ideal complement that you should not miss.

How to prepare the ginger mask

This simple remedy based on ginger, you must make it day in and day out, over a month. Its effectiveness will be greater if we apply it by means of a massage that should last at least 15 minutes, favoring that this mixture is well absorbed in the hair follicles. Let’s see its ingredients and how to prepare it.

What do I need?

  • A spoonful of grated ginger.
  • A spoonful of jojoba oil (or olive oil).

How do I prepare it?

  • It is very simple, we will start by taking the ginger to grate enough to get a full spoonful full.
  • Next, prepare the tablespoon of jojoba oil. This oil can be obtained in natural stores or pharmacies, anyway, if you do not have it at hand, olive oil also serves us.
  • Put the ingredients in a cup, mixing well to get a more uniform and oily paste. The smell will be very pleasant, with the typical acid fragrance of ginger.
  • Now we apply it to wet hair. The essential thing is that you perform a deep and energetic massage, massaging the scalp well to stimulate blood flow. Try to devote about 15 minutes to it.
  • Little by little you will feel a warm sensation in your hair, it is the sign that ginger is fulfilling its mission. Wait 5 more minutes before rinsing the hair. When you do, use warm water, which is not very hot, you get better results.
  • You know, this simple remedy based on ginger, will be very useful not only to prevent hair from falling out, but also to strengthen it and prevent the appearance of dandruff. Be constant, alternate days and throughout a month. Sure you get good results.


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