Audi Sport plans to produce a sports electric car between 2020 and 2025 year, and it is assumed that will be a SUV model.

Audi chief Stefan Winkelman has already made a statement that he prefers the company to take a course of creating directly electric vehicles and to “skip” the phase of launching and developing plug-in hybrid models. They want the development to be primarily on SUV models, then sedan & van versions and in the end a supercar. One of the reasons why Audi prefers large models for electric vehicles is completely practical: there is more space for batteries, and the use of the latest technologies helps for reduction of the car’s weight. However, Winkelmann said “I don’t have nothing against hybrids” and stick to it that the range of the brand will be launched in 2020 year.

“If I have to pick up a model, that will be fully oriented to customers, with whom we will fulfill their requirements, then my choice will be a pure electric car,” said the head of Audi.

Of course, following the introduction of the Audi e-tron Quattro concept in Shanghai, they prognosis that the first model of the Audi Sport will be a SUV car.

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