Flatter stomach is everyone’s desire, but it is really a hard process asking for great self- determination, hard work and proper diet. It takes time till you achieve the desired goals, but nothing is unachievable, especially if you put great effort to it.

Everything can be achieved just you need to perform the proper abs exercises. In this article we shall present you 10 exercises for which you will need only 10 minutes of your time. Introduce them into your workout regime, perform them on regular basis and the results will be visible in no time.

Believe us, they are extremely effective providing you flat stomach you always wanted.

9 Efficient Exercises for a Flatter Belly

  1. Starfish Crunch – position yourself on the ground with your arms and legs set apart. Then put your arms over the head, and then touch the inverse foot to the inverse hand, by doing so make sure to breathe properly. While performing this exercise ensure to breathe in and breathe out the entire time. Perform this for half a minute.
  2. Mountain Climbers – place your hands on the ground and bring your body on your toes. The position of the spine needs to be straight. Bring your knees into the trunk, and to do this, exchange your legs for 30 seconds. When performing this exercise make sure to keep your stomach in your spine.
  3. The Roll – targets your lower abs. For this exercise, rest on a tangle on your back. Then elevate your legs off the ground and push them straight. After that, spread your hands to the sides, and then bring your legs down towards the ground, but without touching it. Next, bring your knees again into your trunk and go for it once again. Do this for 30 seconds, and then rest.
  4. Windmills – target your side muscles and lower abs. Start like the roll exercise with your legs up. In this exercise you are running with your legs to the side. Push your legs to the other side as near to the ground as possible, but without touching it. Do this for 30 seconds by switching sides all the time.
  5. Russian Twists – target your side abs. Position your body seating on the floor, and then bring your stomach area to 45 degrees angle starting from the initial position. You can either bring your legs up or keep them on the ground. Next, bend your stomach area by placing your hands to the sides. Repeat this for 30 seconds.
  6. Single Leg Drops – target your lower abs. for this exercise go into lying position, and then extend your arms to the sides. Raise your legs straight up, and then begin to lower down one leg and then the other one. Once you lower them down ensure not to touch the floor. The legs have to be straight and active all the time. Do this for 30 seconds and make sure to breathe accordingly.
  7. Spiderman Planks – begin this exercise in a push up position. Raise one leg so that your knee is twisted to 90 degrees angle. Make sure to keep your back straight and stay in that position for 15 seconds. Hold in your stomach and switch legs. After that, hold once again for 15 seconds. During the performance of this exercise you need to breathe properly.
  8. Vacillate Kicks – go into a lying position and elevate your legs straight up. Then start kicking the air with your legs. For this exercise, you need to keep your back firmly to the ground and while doing it exhale and inhale deeply. Perform this one till you feel burning sensation in your lower muscles.
  9. Twofold Leg Circles – lie on your back onto the floor and then point your legs to the ceiling. Begin this exercise activity by doing circles in the air for 30 seconds per leg. For proper performance of this exercise you need to properly breathe in and breathe out.

Watch the video below, and find out more information about these exercises.

Source: staynaturallyhealthy

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