The knees are vital body part as they are used in all body movements, thus being greatly exposed to pressure and stress as a result of our weight. This pressure is so great that every pound of fat we carry equals to 10 pounds of pressure on the knee joints while running, and to 3 pounds of pressure when walking.

We have to keep our knees strong and healthy because we need them all our life. As a result of that, the licensed physical therapist Dr. Jo strongly advises performing exercises which will strengthen our knees. Namely, he suggests a compilation of several simple exercises which will make the knees stronger and as well as soothe knee pain.

  • Squats

Take a standing position with your feet at a shoulder-width apart facing in the direction opposite the flat surface. Bring your bottom back and down till it touches the surface of a chair or a coffee table, and after that return to the upright position. Perform two repetitions.

  • Lunges

For this exercise you will need a stack of hardcover books. Then, hang onto stack of books, and put the feet on either side of the stack facing forward, with your back in upright position. Next, gradually push the body straight down in order for the back knee to touch the stack of books. In the end, lift your body slowly and do two repetitions and then switch sides.

  • Step Ups

Use the same stack of books, and put one leg on the step, while the knee stays behind the toes. Then, put the body weight on the leg, and steadily pull the other leg up to the stack. After that, lower the leg and repeat the same procedure two times, and then shift sides.

In the video below Dr. Jo gives additional tips about the performance of these exercises:

Source: staynaturallyhealthy

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