Jeep Full Metal Jacket presented by Starwood Motors

Full Metal

Jeep Full Metal Jacket presented by Starwood Motors

This is a full metal outdoor vehicle which is not particularly used for snowboarding but it would look pretty good parked in front of your cottage.

The Starwood motors are the only producer of the most famous Jeep Wrangler available today. This Jeep named Full Metal Jacket is the most resistant Jeep on bullets nowadays. The Starwood motors claimed that they didn’t modify these incredible machines just to perform off-road, but also to get the attention of passengers.

Besides the improved interior in 2011, what makes this new edition unique is its long-awaited engine Pentastar 3.6 liter V-6. The Pentastar produces 202 to 285 horsepowers. Its best model accelerates from zero to 60mhp in just 8.4 seconds (3 sec. faster than its previous model). It has a new 5-speed automatic transmission.

This Full Metal Jacket is equipped with: fenders, and coil over shocks, winch, axles, bumpers, gears, etc. It’s totally amazing that riding this jeep is as soft as a luxury car on the road. But also you can drive it anywhere off road.


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